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For over three decades Rockecharlie & Co., corporate financial advisors, has served entrepreneurs and senior management of small and mid-size companies in a wide variety of industries by actively seeking opportunities to use its financial and business experience and relationships in the investment community to help them achieve their corporate and personal financial objectives.

Real Estate Financing

Solid Relationships. Value Added Perspective. Transactional Expertise.

Real Estate is an important segment of our economy and one in which the Rockecharlie & Co. partners are both active participants as well as advisors. Our preference is to originate, syndicate, invest in and manage real estate investments; however, we will consider participations in investments originated by others when the investment opportunity is motivating.

Recognizing that real estate values fluctuate depending on market conditions we have traditionally focused on investments in our local and regional markets where we are able to stay abreast of and evaluate economic trends, real estate investment activity, potential for organic growth of local and regional real estate markets, and sustainability of real estate income streams. Additionally, we will perform proprietary sensitivity analyses detailing the impacts of changes in interest rates, loan-to-value and debt service coverage to assess financial risk of our real estate investments and opportunities, which might cause increases or decreases in asset values.