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For over three decades Rockecharlie & Co., corporate financial advisors, has served entrepreneurs and senior management of small and mid-size companies in a wide variety of industries by actively seeking opportunities to use its financial and business experience and relationships in the investment community to help them achieve their corporate and personal financial objectives.


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Strasburger Enterprises Inc.
Temple, Texas

During over 40 years Strasburger Enterprises, Inc. (“SEI”) owned and operated a sizable chain of convenience stores in central Texas. In the 1970s SEI became the leading advisor and/or joint venture partner/contract manager of convenience stores owned by several large, vertically integrated, multi-national oil and gas companies. In early 2000 the financial markets became more credit sensitive and several Wall Street investment banks that had played a major role in securitizing portfolios of loans to consolidators of convenience store and gasoline retail assets that were branded by well-recognized refiner/marketers were unable to find buyers for their high yield securities. As a result, the investment bankers were forced to hold the individual loans, negotiate with defaulted borrowers and where necessary foreclose on their collateral and operate the underperforming convenience stores. Rockecharlie & Co. initiated and led a project that provided a temporary solution to preserve as much of the bankers’ asset value as possible by bringing SEI’s operating skills to Wall Street and operating the bankers’ foreclosed properties and preserve collateral value during the asset disposition process.