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For over three decades Rockecharlie & Co., corporate financial advisors, has served entrepreneurs and senior management of small and mid-size companies in a wide variety of industries by actively seeking opportunities to use its financial and business experience and relationships in the investment community to help them achieve their corporate and personal financial objectives.


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Gemini Solutions Inc.
Houston, Texas

Simulation models are acknowledged to be the finest available oil and gas reservoir evaluation tools. Until Gemini Solutions Inc. (“GSI”) developed its platform, simulation had been the province of a few highly skilled specialists in major oil company research centers. GSI’s co-founders developed user-friendly simulation software that an engineer could employ successfully while in the field. After marketing its software to over fifty oil and gas producers primarily located in the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast region, GSI engaged a Rockecharlie & Co. to evaluate future growth alternatives and to arrange a transaction through which to execute the best available strategy. We identified a global oilfield services company with which a strategic alliance was proposed to expand GSI’s marketing reach, both nationally and internationally.