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For over three decades Rockecharlie & Co., corporate financial advisors, has served entrepreneurs and senior management of small and mid-size companies in a wide variety of industries by actively seeking opportunities to use its financial and business experience and relationships in the investment community to help them achieve their corporate and personal financial objectives.

Private Placements

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For over three decades Rockecharlie & Co. has raised equity capital for clients while developing strong relationships with many institutional lenders as well as private equity investors. Through these relationships, we have arranged transactions for a variety of clients in a broad array of industries.

Our focus has consistently been on middle-market companies that require additional equity (or equity-motivated debt) to achieve their objectives. In addition to advising on private placements of equity, where it was the best alternative for the client we have also arranged corporate sales or mergers, strategic alliances and/or the sale of non-strategic assets.

We have arranged, or been the exclusive advisor on, transactions resulting in the private placement of securities valued at over $100 million – including common and preferred stock, limited partnership interests, convertible and subordinated debentures as well as secured short and medium term debt. Our clients have been engaged in a variety of economic sectors including foreign and domestic oil and gas drilling, exploration and production, manufacturing, distribution, retail, printing, digital imaging, energy, health care, advertising and professional services.